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Cribbage with Muggins is a variation on Cribbage that is more cut-throat and competitive. It involves you self scoring your own cribbage hands, self scoring the pegging, and stealing points from your opponent if they announce the wrong total from their cribbage hand. If you are an expert in pegging and counting cribbage hands, this will be the game for you. Cribbage can also be played as an online casino game

How to play (2 player):

At eCribbage.com, the play is the same as traditional cribbage with a few important differences:

The Play

- During the pegging, the sum of cards will not be announced, you will have to keep track of it in your head.
- You will have to announce any points you get by selecting the score. ie 15 for 2, Run of 3, Last Card points, etc.
- If you miss any points, your opponent can claim them from you.
- If you incorrectly announce points, your opponent can claim them from you and you will lose the points.

The Show

- You will count your hand by yourself, and announce how many points you got.
- Your opponent can claim any points you missed, or any extra points you claimed.
- Then your opponent will announce their points, and you can claim points the same.
- The player with the crib will announce their total points, and you can claim any missed points or extra points claimed.

eCribbage.com will provide intuitive UI to help you announce scores and claim points. Have fun with cut throat cribbage!