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Play against HALSCRIB

eCribbage.com boasts the worlds best cribbage robot. If you just want to play 1 player against the computer, you will play against HAL_1700 or HAL_1800, brought to you by the author of HALSCRIB. His HALSCRIB PC cribbage robot is the best and has been worked upon for 25 years and has defeated all other cribbage robot opponents head to head. HAL_1700 and HAL_1800 have been designed to be competitive with all players at eCribbage.com.


Read the press release about HAL joining eCribbage.com

More about HAL from Hal Mueller:

Hal Mueller, a long-time member of eCribbage (halscrib), is the author of HALSCRIB for the PC that uses both board position and pegging efficiency in choosing discards and pegging plays. The keep candidates are evaluated on the fly using static look-up tables. The pegging efficiency, for various strategies (offense, optimal, and defense the most common), are also stored in static look-up tables for each 4-card keep and then dynamically modified according to the current hand. Potential opponent discard frequencies are also stored in static look-up tables that are dynamically modified according to the 6-card holding. Once pegging begins, another set of static hand frequency look-up tables are referenced. No other cribbage robot does so!

Now, Hal Mueller in partnership with Damien Blond offers discard capabilities at eCriibage in the form of two robots, HAL_1700 and HAL_1800. HAL_1700 uses an unvarying strategy - OPTIMAL - whereas HAL_1800 uses board position to determine its strategy for discarding and pegging. Unlike HALSCRIB for the PC which exhaustively computes all possible pegging sequences for all possible hands, both HALs are rule-based for pegging decisions because of time and space limitations.

Good luck, see if you can beat HAL_1700 and HAL_1800!