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kings cribbage Kings Cribbage
crash cribbage Crash Cribbage
crosscribb CrossCribb®
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crib with jokers Crib with Jokers
lowball Lowball Cribbage
back up 10 Back Up 10 Cribbage
toss fives Toss Fives Cribbage
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crib with muggins Crib with Muggins
team crib Team Cribbage
halscrib Play HAL Robots
age of conquest  Age of Conquest

About Us

eCribbage.com was developed and programmed by Damien Blond from 2006 to 2010.

The Kings Cribbage board game was invented by CoCoCo games.
The CrossCribb® board game was created by Tony Nelson and CrossCribb® is a registered trademark of Maynard's, LLC.

Beta Testing:

  • Rosalee Blond
  • Doug Blond
  • Joshua Wauthy
  • Danielle Blond
  • Erin Harnden
  • Roy Cowley
  • Darren Heinrichsen
  • Tony Nelson (for CrossCribb)

Server assistance:

  • Alim Fazal

Website development:

  • James Miller
  • Damien Blond


  • Roarman
  • Steve Barry (for CrossCribb)
  • Damien Blond

Cribbage with Jokers invented by:

  • Damien Blond
  • Jeff Hill

Joe from CrashCribbage did a blog interview on me last year, click here to read it.

eCribbage is dedicated to my father Doug Blond who passed away January 10th, 2007.
Miss you dad!

eCribbage is powered by Jedis


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