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"The administrator has done a superb job of providing us with this wonderful online site. It is the best site for cribbage I have found. I love the opportunity to play muggins (cut throat). I have never played on a site that allows you to do that.

The Joker Cribbage is an unusual twist and very fun. This is also the first experience I have had with Kings Cribbage. It is like a combination of scrabble & cribbage and a very challenging game. also allows you to play 3 & 4 hand in addition to the traditional 2 hand and private or public games. There are tournaments as well. The administrator is very innovative and continuously upgrading and improving the site." - Karri C from Lakeworth, FL

"Welcome home! should be on the sign-in page for because it indeed feels like a second home. The friendliness and fellowship can't be matched on any other gaming site. The attentiveness to the user's needs is met and exceeded by the administrator each and every day.

Having the developer as a fellow player (a much better player compared to me) is invaluable. The variety of cribbage games and player skill levels is surprisingly wide and keeps each and every visit both unique and exciting.

I came, I saw, I came back... again and again and again... - MouseNut

For all crib lovers, this is an absolutely amazing site to play on and it is quite apparent the love that the administrator has for the game. The site started with Kings Cribbage, which, as a board game, was until recently only very readily available in America and Canada, but through the sites promotions, it is becoming more well known worldwide. And what a game it is to play, particularly on line, within a very friendly community that play all the hours of the day and night!

The administrator has developed various versions of ordinary crib too, which are also great fun to play, plus all versions accommodate from two to four players too. He has even run several competitions, which have been a great community booster as well as being good to participate in. I have not found anything as theraputic and enjoyably time consuming as this since playing all night Atari sessions twenty-five years ago!! - Colin Sharpe from UK

"My 9 year old discovered one day and we have been hooked ever since! The other players are very nice and weloming, and the games are always fun. I love trying out the new versions of the game that the administrator puts out (back up 10, cribbage with jokers, etc.), but I had never played King's Cribbage before and I LOVE IT!

Each game also has many different options, like rated or unrated, and there are wonderful features that sort your cards and tell you who is pegging better. Like many people on the site, I grew up playing cribbage with my family, but now we never get a chance to play since we are scattered in different locations. We love playing together on ecribbage and you will too!" - Sarah McKenzie from Prairie Grove, AR

eCribbage has become a must play for me since the first time i came across it. I received the Kings Cribbage board game for Christmas in 2006, and was thrilled when a friend told me of this website for on-line games! I have seen eCrbbage grow from a one game site to the multi-game site it has become and I am excited to see what is coming next. eCribbage continues to grow with user interest and is fast becoming an all inclusive site for any variant of cribbage that a player could want, see, or even think of.

The most important thing though is that the site has not lost an ounce of it's community feeling, of it's warmth and friendly culture. I have been to other gaming sites that are cold and stark. eCribbage is very friendly, not just the players, but the administrators as well. I continually see experienced players huddled in a room, helping out a new player. This is genuinely unique to eCribbage.

The players are talented as well, There is no shortage of top-flight players in every game and genre you choose. I know eCribbage received a tremendous boost from many members of the American Cribbage Congress joining as members. They play a great game and are equally as approachable as anyone else. Often sharing strategies, and tips in the traditional cribbage format.

One of the many things that sets eCribbage apart from other sites is the graphics. Absolutely dazzling graphics that enhance, not distract from, the experience. The graphics really add another level of fun to the games.

I visit eCribbage nearly everyday and enjoy it immensely. I look forward to watching the site grow and heartily recommend it to all my crib playing friends.

And, not least of all, did i mention that it's free...amazing" - Phil from Montour Falls, NY