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ACC 9 Game Grass Roots Style Tournament

Welcome to ACC tourney play at eCribbage.com! Once you are an ACC member, and register your member number with the ACC Online Registrar, your results of this tournament are recorded as IRP's--Internet Rating Points. (See below for details). Refer to the ACC website for point details at http://www.cribbage.org/NewSite/internet/IRP.asp. Please remember that we are guests at this site, and all eCribbage rules apply during ACC tournaments, in addition to ACC rules regarding conduct and ethics. Special thanks to those who volunteer their time and talents as Tournament Directors (TDs) so that we can have fun! All they ask in return is for respect, patience and courtesy to them and to your opponents, as in live play. Here are some tips to get started so you can better understand how this particular tournament works, and how to navigate eCribbage. It is highly suggested that you first try playing regular, social games at eCribbage to familiarize yourself with nuances of the site itself. Note: You must play 10 rated social games (or against a computer robot opponent) of the particular format of a tournament before you try to play in a tournament of that same format.. The TD has no control over this as the software is programmed to not allow a player to check in until you have met this minimum requirement. This is true of every style of tournament on eCribbage, not just ACC tournies.

login button

*You must register at the ACC site in order to play in the ACC tournaments at eCribbageto receive IRP’s . Go to https://accinternet29.wixsite.com/internetreg, then in the right column half way down, click on "register your screen name". On the screen name registration page, be sure to scroll down to the section that says “eCribbage.com nickname” to enter your login screen. The earlier you do this the better in order to give the ACC registrar enough time to complete your registration. Per ACC rules, you must be an ACC member in good standing who is officially registered at the above link to earn your IRP’s, even if any tournament TD knows you personally. The TD must abide by ACC internet tournament rules, so please respect them as they are just doing their (volunteer!) job. You do not have to be a PRO member of ECribbage.com; it's a free site to all, with PRO as an option. We hope you'll join us regularly for all of the other non ACC tournies of various playing formats, as well as the social lounges, plus the computer lounge to play against HALSCRIB software!

*Check the tournament schedule on this site for dates and times by going to the “Tournaments” tab, then scroll down to “Future Tournaments” to see what tournaments are coming up, or click here. For your very first tournament, arriving 30 minutes early is a good idea so that the TD can help walk you through directions if you are confused. As the lobby fills up, people are chatting with friends, so it scrolls fast. The TD’s are setting up the tourney, so may miss posts.

*Choose the Tournament Lounge. “A” lounge tournies are always at the top of the hour. You must check yourself into the tournament. About 30 minutes before start time, the TD’s will ‘open’ the tourney for check in—they send out bulletins as reminders. At that point, go back to the tournament shortcut and click “check in now”. (If the box is grayed out, the tourney is not yet open.) If you are playing in another room/lounge, you can simply switch to the tournament lounge from whatever lounge you are currently playing in. There are two ways to do so: by using the arrows at the very top right of your screen, or by going to the tournament shortcut again, and choosing “switch to tournament lounge” on the drop down menu. Once in the tourney lounge, open up that tournament shortcut again and choose “check in now” on the drop down.

*The TD’s will welcome you. Sit tight while waiting for the start signal. During this time, please do not leave the lobby (the area that chat shows up to all in the room) to go to other lounges. The TD will disqualify you if you are playing in other lounges. Stick around and chat since you probably know some of the other players. If not, meet some new players! Once a TD announces that that tourney is ‘closed’, no one else can enter it as brackets are already set into motion by the software program.

* About 2-3 minutes before start time, rules will run in the lobby, so please read them until you are very familiar with them. If they get changed or updated, it is each player’s responsibility to be aware of what is current. Depending on size, the entire tourney usually takes 1-2 hours to play out through finals, so check in only if you can dedicate the time to finish all 9 games. The ACC has repercussions for failure to complete a tournament, just like in live play. Every game is to be played to 121 points. Any player leaving before their 9 games are played out will forfeit all IRP’s for that tourney, and face probable disciplinary action from the ACC. If you quit a tourney for a non-emergency reason, the TD will report you to the ACC Internet Commissioner. The same is true for inappropriate behavior here that would be unacceptable during live tourneys. A 3 strikes policy is in effect, so please follow the ACC Code of Conduct found on the website at cribbage.org, as well as eCribbage’s conduct rules.

*The tourney starts when you see the TD automatically send you a pop-up box for your first assignment. (The rest will be on your scorecard for the other 8 games.) Either opponent can set the first table by going to tournaments tab up top, "Start Tournament Match”. On the menu that opens titled "Set Up Game Options", all you have to do is click "START" at the bottom, then the other player joins him/her. Do this by watching the list of tables as they pop up on the chart, then click the word "waiting" in front of your opponent's name and then click "Request to Join" the game. At the top middle of the screen that opens, click “Play Now”. Players must use the settings eCribbage provides for ACC Grass Roots tournament play: single game /cut for deal. The game gives you directions as you click cards and scores. No one is allowed to watch ACC tournament games in progress.

* When your game is over, click on "Visit Lounge" at the top right of your game near the X, then please be sure you click on "quit game" in the upper right hand corner in the lobby. Game results will automatically post in the lobby, so please move on to your next round by looking at your scorecard for each new round, but stay in the correct order. (Be very careful of similar screen names, especially those that use their ACC member number.) You can find your scorecard and assignments by going back to the tournaments shortcut, then scroll down to “View Score Card and Leaders”. Read your scorecard to see which opponent you play next, then go ahead and look to see if your opponent is waiting for you to join him/her. If not, go ahead and start your table, then wait for your opponent to finish their current game. Note: Make sure your opponent is on the same game number as you are. Click on the opponent’s name to make sure you are their next opponent. You can also click on your opponent’s name and choose “view scorecard” to see their scorecard. Should you need assistance, contact the TD. After each game, repeat this process until your scorecard is full. Tabulations of points and spread are done automatically.

*An exception: If you see that you are assigned to HAL_1700 as your next opponent, you will be playing against the computer/Hal 1700—this is the way that byes are dealt with. Usually, your TD will set up a “Hal game” and you will go to the game that says “OPEN” to play Hal, the computer opponent. Otherwise, you can also go to the Tournaments tab, choose “Start Tournament Match”, then change the “How Many Players” selector box from 2 players, to “1 player (Play against HAL_1700)”, then click ‘Start”. Only play one game vs. the computer opp, as if they were a real person.

*Please note: You may "boot" or freeze up if you have an older computer, or you frequently lose your internet connection. You will need to come back within 5 minutes and resume a saved game in order to continue. Simply click your game that you will see listed with all tables that are currently playing, or go to the "Saved Game" tab right above the game list, and then you can return to the game you were playing. There is a 5 minute timer on each boot or stalled game, and a maximum of 2 boots per tournament.. Should a match be forfeited, 2 game points and a plus 10 score will be awarded to the winner. Loser will be given 0 points and minus 10 score.

Even though this all sounds complicated, the features at eCribbage.com make playing easy. Once you do it, you'll see it's very simple. Please show up 15 minutes before each tournament to help the TD get you into the tournament so that assignments can be set up in a timely manner. If you have further questions about anything on eCribbage, please email support@ecribbage.com. Damien will get back to you when he can, and is very intent on making eCribbage the best that it can become. Welcome and have fun!

Submitted by SallyAnn3, TD and ACC Internet Commissioner, September 2020