Why play Cribbage online at eCribbage.com ?

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eCribbage provides the largest amount of cribbage game variations in the world.

You will never get bored playing such exciting variants as Kings Cribbage (mixing cribbage and scrabble), Cribbage with Jokers (using true wildcards), Crash Cribbage (crashing into pegs on a single track), Lowball Cribbage (trying to lose at cribbage), Manual Count cribbage (where you keep score yourself), and 5 other variations. Many other new variations are coming soon as well! Nowhere else online can you play traditional cribbage, then throw jokers in the deck, then play manual count, kings cribbage, and crash cribbage all in the same sitting.


eCribbage is devoted to a family friendly atmosphere

Family values are very important at eCribbage making this a safe place to play for your children and a place to make many new friends. Have you ever been to other cribbage sites where there is constant SPAM and other inappropriate material? Not at eCribbage.com.

Passion & Dedication

eCribbage is constantly evolving

eCribbage is the only place where the administrator is focused entirely on cribbage and the cribbage community. The developer at eCribbage works full time on improving the game and adding features that are requested by the community. User feedback is very important at eCribbage and if the community wants something new, it will be added.


eCribbage boasts the worlds best cribbage robot

If you just want to play 1 player against the computer, you will play against HAL_1700, brought to you by the author of HALSCRIB. His HALSCRIB PC cribbage robot is the best and has been worked upon for 25 years and has defeated all other cribbage robot opponents head to head. HAL_1700 is designed to be competitive with players at eCribbage.com.


eCribbage hosts daily tournaments

If you want to prove you are the best cribbage player, Kings Cribbage player or other variant, we host tournaments every single day where you can win trophies and prizes. eCribbage is loaded with stats that you can use to gloat over your buddies.

Quality & Fun

eCribbage has some of the best graphics, sound effects and game play of any online cribbage site. Family and friends gather together to play their favorite cribbage games for hours on end!