Our Cribbage Games
traditional cribbage Traditional Cribbage
kings cribbage Kings Cribbage
crash cribbage Crash Cribbage
crosscribb CrossCribb®
cribbage baseball Cribbage Baseball
crib with jokers Crib with Jokers
lowball Lowball Cribbage
back up 10 Back Up 10 Cribbage
toss fives Toss Fives Cribbage
manual count Manual Count Crib
crib with muggins Crib with Muggins
team crib Team Cribbage
halscrib Play HAL Robots
age of conquest  Age of Conquest

How many cribbage sites:

  • Let you customize your cribbage board and background view?
  • Have a family friendly community free of spam and vulgarity?
  • Have league play that let you create teams and play against other teams in a league?
  • Have 10 variations of cribbage to select from?
  • Have 5-6 tournaments a day where you win trophies?
  • Show who is pegging better and who is getting luckier with the cut card?
  • Count your statistics against every player on the site?
  • Keep your game history and stats for how many skunks and double skunks you have?
  • Count your 28 and 29 hands and give you special badges for them?
  • Let you play the best cribbage computer opponent in the world?
  • Let you play with wildcards in the deck?
  • Let you play manual count, count the cards yourself?
  • Let you play lowball cribbage where you try to LOSE at cribbage?
  • Let you play crash cribbage where you crash into each others pegs?
  • Let you play kings cribbage, an addicting combination of cribbage and scrabble?
  • Let you play crosscribb, a 5 by 5 cribbage game of offense vs defense?
  • Have themed days like disco day, halloween, christmas?
  • Let you start private chat sessions with your friends?
  • Have over 50 different sound effects to keep the game entertaining?
  • Let you send custom audio clips to your friends across the table?
  • Have a developer that constantly improves the site every few days?
  • Show who is hot and cold with fun graphics?
  • Show who are the top10 players in the game and the top10 most improved in the last week?
  • Give away free board games, memberships and other prizes?
  • Save a cribbage scenario and discuss it later?
  • Save all unfinished games that players abandon and give you ratings points for them?
  • Let you design your own little character and dress him/her up?
  • Let you set your nationality flags so you can see where players are from?
  • Let you vote on future features that will be added?
  • Show the latest tournament winners on the website?
  • Have grassroots tournaments where you play 9 different opponents?
  • Have tournaments for ACC (American Cribbage congress) members?
  • Have a cribbage newsletter?
  • Sell cribbage tshirts?
  • Have a cribbage counter tool to help you improve your cribbage skills?