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Special Edition

Special Events Coming
2Part Cribbage Tournament
eCribbage Pegs Against Diabetes

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special Edition August 2012
2 Part Cribbage Tournament August 12th
There will be a 2 part prize tournament on August 12th.
The highest placing non pro will win a 1 yr membership.
1st part is the 3PM EST 9 game grass roots tournament.
The top 25% of players will move on to part 2 (playoffs).
Part 2 6PM EST traditional best of 3.

Come have some fun and show us what you got.

eCribbage Pegs Against Diabetes


Hi All,

Friends call me Sam. I am a cribbage player of online gaming, I am also a tournament director here at eCribbage. I've come to know many players online, as well as getting to know many of them on a personal level. One thing about getting to know people on here, is understanding the illness, disease, or even the hardship one may have, or loss of a loved one. I, myself loss two siblings to diabetes. One as recent as April of this year. I, also have a third sibling who has started dialysis as recent as a month ago. I am very lucky to this day that diabetes has passed me in line of my siblings.

Today many players of our gaming community fight this battle, including a fellow tournament director and dear friend who will be my side as we take on our first annual eCribbage Pegs Against Diabetes. This special event is to bring awarenesss and raise funding to help with the cost of finding a cure for diabetes.
This special event will take place on August 18, 2012 from 3:00pm et till August 19, 2012 6:00pm et. This will be a non-stop 24 hour marathon of tournaments. New tournament starting every three hours.

For all you eCribbers out there mark your calender, get your sleep in, stock up on your favorite beverage, snacks, get your pegging skills polished join us as eCribbage Pegs Against Diabetes, 24 hour Marathon of Tournaments. We also will be issuing a personal challenge to everyone
who has what it takes to keep up with Hawaiian & prettysmurfette.
More details on this will be out on August 11th via eCribbage website.

With sincere Aloha & Mahalo,
Hawaiian (Tournament Director)                              


Hawaiian & prettysmurfette

Welcome You to the First Annual "eCribbage Fights Against Diabetes" Marathon of Tournaments

This event will benefit eCribbage & The American Diabetes Association

50% of the proceeds will stay at eCribbage, 50% will benefit the American Diabetes Association


With this event comes a personal challenge. Do you have what it takes to keep up w/ Hawaiian & prettysmurfette?

If so We challenge you to keep up with us during the eCribbage & American Diabetes Association event!



1.Player must enter via a special link only

(Registry opens August 11th closes August 18th, 2pm et)

2. Minimum of Five ($5.00) donation entry fee

3. Player must "play" in all 10 tournaments

4. Player must know how to play KC, and Cross Cribb.

5. Player must be of "Good Sportsmanship" through out every tournament

6. Player must be alert and set match when waiting for opponent

7. Player must'nt BOOT, DELAY GAME, QUIT, CUSS, BADGER, WHINE @ either Tournament Director.


8. This challenge will be on a point system

1st place finish = 6 points

2nd place finish = 5 points

3rd place finish - 4 points

4th place finish = 3 points

5th-8th = 2 points

9th - 16th = 1 point


9. Should there be a TIE at the end of our 24 hour Marathon, Players involved will play Trad. Best of 3.

after the 6pm tournament is done, on the evening of August 19th, 2012 


*Note* Player that acquires the  highest points will be declared the Winner of this Challenge

and awarded the following:



Player's choice of board

eCribbage t-shirt


3pm Trad / 6pm KC / 9pm Variations / midnite Crash / 3am Toss / 6am

GR / 9am Cross / noon Back Up / 3pm Lowball / 6pm Trad














eCribbage Fights Against Diabetes



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