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eCribbage Newsletter #9

KC's Corner
Who's Who
A Great Gym
for the Mind
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July 2012 - Written by SiteDirector
KC's Corner

Woof Woof,

Hey, I’m back. During my time off I kept hearing all the rave about the new league play. So I have been learning to play my name sake, KC. I want to get a Dog KC team going. This is proving to be quite the challenge since the “normal” dogs seem more interested in eating the tiles and board than they are in learning to play. I can imagine how it will go with them trying to play online with a mouse (squeak squeak). So if any of you have any bones to throw me, I could sure use some help here. OH, bones.. that sounds good, think I will go out in the back yard and dig one up.. So til next time keep those bones coming..

That's it.. class is over. I told you no peaking in the bag!!!!

Who's Who


Here on eCribbage, you would know me as Abernathy23….or some variation thereof, but here are a few things you may not know…..
My name is Clark Angevine. I live in Upstate New York and I love to golf, fly fish, ride motorcycles, and play with our dogs in my free time. In addition to playing crib and TD’ing here on the site, I work fulltime as a Chef at a nice restaurant that’s not too far away. I have made a great many friends here, and met many like-minded Christians as well.
I give my free time in the mornings here on eCrib hosting the 9am EST slot Monday thru Friday. I became a TD this year, trained with Steviebus, and have had an amazing time meeting and helping players here. I became involved as a Greeter before becoming a TD because of the true family community and wonderful sense of goodwill towards other sportsmen. Damien’s pursuit of a great site is paying off.
I grew up playing Cribbage and many other games with my family and was so very pleased to have stumbled onto Now my Father is a member here and I have a great time playing and Hosting here on eCrib.
Thanks for reading and I hope to meet more and more of our players here….Cheers !


If you would like to make a nomination for player of the month please send it to with POTM in the subject line.
What we are looking for in the POTM is someone who is supportive of the site, the admin and all players veteran and new. We would like them to be active players who are fun to play, keep an upbeat attitude and always willing to help new players. 
I will take the nominations and send them out to the staff for their
comments on each one. I will compile the comments and send
them back out for their final vote. So get those nominations in 
as soon as possible.
Damien will be adding a new POTM nomination button in the goodies section soon.

Cribbage – A great gym for the Mind.

We were delighted to set up a workshop teaching the over 50’s how to play Kings Cribbage at our local Age UK Centre. This connection had been made though an inspiring new project in the UK called the ‘Mind Your Head Challenge’. KC is registered as one of their key activities’.

It was rewarding to see people relaxed and enjoying the class, at the same time learning something new. The course was spread over 5 sessions, starting at the very basics leading up to playing at a confident level. The last session finally ended the course with a fun and exciting tournament. The worthy winner won their very own game of Kings Cribbage; now most of the group play Kings Cribbage on a regular basis at the centre.

What has this got to do with playing on line? Well one possible answer is how many of you guys learnt to play Cribbage on-line, I am guessing hardly any, most I would say were taught by a
favourite family member or friend? A hands-on friendly Cribbage refresher course can also kick-start a few dormant players into playing again with friends or on line.

Our Kings Cribbage Teaching Course was adapted from Dan Zeisler’s Youth Cribbage Program. Dan Zeisler, a forma Junior High School Teacher has taught over 900 kids how to play Cribbage in Schools over the last 15 years; this is a fantastic legacy for the game.

If running Kings Cribbage course is something that may be of interest to you, a free KC Teaching Course manual can be down loaded from the KC sub-page, or for Dan Zeisler’s Traditional
Cribbage Course, visit the ACC home page, and click on Youth Program. I guarantee you will find it very worthwhile, a lot of fun, and beneficial to your local community.

I love this quote/advice in Dan’s manual if you decide to teach Cribbage or KC. “Let your passion for the game shine, it will be contagious”

If you have any views on teaching Cribbage/KC or would like to see a course run on line, jot a note on the forum; it would be great to hear your views!

Kings Cribbage Connections UK


If you would like to play 5/6 cards Traditional Cribbage or Kings Cribbage for a World Championship Title, there is still time enter. See web site for details.

Join in – Win – And Bask in Glory.

Smurfys Corner

Hello my little eCribber's its smurfy to be back again after a long hiatus, with  another edition of "Smurfy's Corner".  Again big thanks-you's to all of you for making the eCribbage newsletter a big success in the past. Like all of you eCribber's, I too, looked forward each month to our newsletter and now that we are back up and running we hope you all will enjoy reading it again. It's a great way for us all to catch up on all the new happenings here at eCribbage and keeping you all connected is our aim with the newsletter. It's eCribber's like yourselves that make our newsletter fun to put together and a pleasure to send out to you all each month. As you all know here at "Smurfy's Corner" I will try my best to post any of your stories, jokes or comments so if you have any please feel free to send them in. If you have any suggestions on a topic or what you would like too see in "Smurfy's Corner". I will do my best to try and accommodate any of your ideas. So please send them to me at I will try and post as many as possible.   

  While smurfing the Internet looking for interesting tidbits  for "Smurfy's Corner" I came across this article from the Milwaukee- Wisconsin Journal Sentinel ( JSonline). As I read it, it touched my heart and I thought it was such a sweet story of two people's love for each other and cribbage that I thought why not share with all you eCribber's. They say love and cribbage don't mix well, I guess this proves them wrong. So I hope it touches you as much as it did myself and may it leave a smile in your heart.                       

                                                                         "Pair fell In Love Over Cribbage"

About the only thing that Martha Tate Fingleton and Warren Sondericker loved more than playing cribbage was each other. They were a husband and wife who long worked together, playing cribbage during the lunch hour. They played at home in the evening. They traveled to tournaments together - both were life masters - until their health began to fail. Fingleton died of emphysema June 17, 2010. She was 54. Sondericker died of complications of leukemia June 25, 2010. He was 71. "She pegged out first by eight pegs - eight days," said her sister, Jane Kegel. "It was a close match. They didn't skunk each other."Not surprisingly, they met at a cribbage tournament, though it's important to understand that both were well-read and very smart. He had a special gift for telling stories. She loved playing with words and had a quirky sense of humor. So when she yelled out a strange phrase at a tournament, he was instantly intrigued."Ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny!" declared Fingleton. "Who said that?" called Sondericker. "I did!" she answered. That began the story of their life together.

Fingleton was born in Ann Arbor, Mich., and later grew up in the Milwaukee area, graduating early from Whitefish Bay High School. "She learned cribbage from our grandparents," her sister said. "What you did at night was play cribbage." Fingleton tested out of all of her freshman year at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, earning a four-year nursing degree when she was still 19, Kegel said. "She was in nursing for a while, but it interfered with her cribbage habit," her sister said, with a laugh. "So after she met Warren, she started working for him."

Sondericker, a Milwaukee native, had started Midwest Fire Protection with a friend, Dick Goelz. He served a stint with the U.S. Army in Germany. He was a widower when he met Fingleton more than 20 years ago, and they married in 1998. About 1996, he bought his dream house - an old firehouse on Milwaukee's north side - renovating it for living quarters. "He liked the idea of living in a firehouse, because he was in the fire prevention business," Kegel said. The building included room for his "Warren Sondericker Hall of Shame." There he good-naturally hung all the second-place cribbage board plaques he had won over the years. "Warren did win the national tournament and the $10,000 prize twice in Reno, Nev.," his sister-in-law said. "He loved to gamble, too, and he'd turn right around and spend it all, but come home with some more great stories."

Fingleton was one of the highest ranked women in the cribbage world, named to the American Cribbage Congress Hall of Fame, and involved in leadership roles with the American Cribbage Congress. "She was a teaching assistant and working on her master's in comparative literature and philosophy when she died," Kegel said. Fingleton also appeared on both "Jeopardy" and "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire," not winning but playing respectably.

In their final months, they were separated far too much. Both were hospitalized at times, Sondericker for months, with Fingleton not supposed to risk her own fragile breathing by exposing herself to possible infection during a hospital visit. Finally, she had enough of that. She worked with medical social workers to arrange a weekend visit in her husband's room, complete with hospital oxygen. "Who cares?" she told her sister. "I don't care anymore what I catch." "She had not seen him for weeks and weeks," Kegel said. "She was so excited. They just reminisced. .?.?. She was able to spend the weekend before she died with Warren. I really do believe she went to say good-bye." Sondericker did not survive long after her death. "I think they were both staying alive for each other," her sister said.


So till next time my fellow eCribber's "Happy Smurfing" and peg your little smurfy hearts outs.


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