Step by Step Instructions to run Kings Cribbage Tutorial

#1. Create an Account / Login

If you don't have an account on ecribbage yet, click the 'Click here to log in' button off the home page, and follow the instructions to create a new account. Otherwise login as normal.

#2. Click the Play now Button from the login page

After you click the play now button you should see java start to load.
If it asks you whether you would like to run or save the file, choose run.

#3. Wait for images to load

Once the game has launched it will load the images first. Please wait for the images to load, this can take 10 seconds to 3 minutes depending on how fast your computer is.

#4. Select your lounge

You will then come to a screen to choose which room / lounge to play in. For now just click the enter lounge button to join the castle lounge.

#5. Lounge Screen View

You will now be at the lounge screen. All the active games are on the left side of the screen, and all of the players are on the right side of the screen. You can click on games or players to see what you can do with them if you want.

#5. Start the tutorial

At the top of the lounge screen you will see a menu bar. At the top left side, Click Game / Take Kings Cribbage Tutorial.

#6. Take the Tutorial

Follow the tutorial instructions to learn how to play Kings Cribbage!

#7. Other ways to improve your KC Game

You can also practice Kings Cribbage by yourself, by clicking Game / Practice Kings Cribbage. Or you can practice against our intermediate computer opponent by clicking Game / Start New Game / Kings Cribbage / Play against KC_1400 Intermediate.

If you have any troubles, email asap, we will help you out!